How Germany Became a Solar Superpower

How Germany Became a Solar Superpower.

By Sara Thompson

Back in June of 2014, Germany reached a significant milestone and national record by satisfying more than 50 percent of its electricity demand with 23.1 gigawatts of solar power– which was half of the entire world’s production at the time. In fact, they broke three national solar records that week. With 35 GW of solar PV capacity, the country actually generated more solar energy the week before, hitting 24.24 GW, but because of demand variances they were able to achieve this impressive feat with less.

In addition to solar, more recently, Germany reportedly satisfied 78 percent of its electricity demand with renewable sources. Wind and solar generated 40.65 GW of power as of July 25. When combined with 4.85 GW from biomass and 2.4 GW from hydropower, their total renewable power production reached 47.9 GW, which occurred at a time when peak power demand was 61.1 GW.


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