3 Simple Ways Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

3 Simple Ways Entrepreneurs Can Change the World.

…For one thing, entrepreneurs are accelerating the commercialization of new technologies that will help solve the world’s problems. For example, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla recently announced it would open-source to encourage others to use its patents in an effort to combat the carbon crisis with zero-emissions vehicles.

In addition, the very spirit of entrepreneurship — determination, creativity and optimism — is instrumental in inspiring others to act. And entrepreneurs are prone to disrupting traditional industries, generating new ideas and unlocking innovations that will help the world.

These are all passive ways you’re probably already making an impact, but you can do more by taking an active approach. Donating food or money is admirable, but those efforts only provide temporary relief — not a long-term solution. The world needs cures for disease and programs to educate people on techniques for creating new food sources.

Here are three ways you can use your unique position to improve quality of life for others:


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