Nonprofit Finance Fund | Where Money Meets Mission

Nonprofit Finance Fund | Where Money Meets Mission.

New York City – February 13, 2015– Nonprofit Finance Fund (NFF) is providing a $2 million loan to support the launch of a social enterprise whose integrated services model uses healthy food to create positive change in Los Angeles. The loan to start-up venture L.A. Kitchen will allow the organization to outfit a 20,000 square foot commercial kitchen, purchase equipment, and move beyond its pilot phase to a full-scale launch in 2015.

Housed within LA Prep, a food business accelerator and incubator space, L.A. Kitchen is a nonprofit social enterprise dedicated to providing job training and permanent jobs to people with barriers to employment, improving nutrition and meal services for older Angelenos, and reducing food waste. L.A. Kitchen’s job training program, currently operating out of St. Vincent Meals on Wheels as a pilot project, prepares youth aging out of foster care and adults leaving incarceration for jobs in the food service industry.  By partnering with local farms, wholesalers and food service businesses, L.A. Kitchen reclaims produce that would have otherwise have gone to waste. Job trainees and volunteers use this local produce to prepare healthful meals, which are given free or at a reduced price to social service organizations. 


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